What does Checklist verify?

Here is the list of items that Checklist verifies.

OpenEdition Books and OpenEdition Journals

At volumes level

  • Missing cover
  • Cover is not in the expected format
  • Small cover
  • Empty sub-part
  • Too many covers
  • Unwanted tags in fields such as introductions to the publication, author descriptions, abstracts or extracts

At both volume and editorial unit levels

  • Untitled document
  • Missing language metadata
  • Facsimile is not a PDF
  • Author name format
  • Large facsimile
  • Missing facsimile
  • Title in uppercase
  • Missing author description

At editorial units level

  • Line break in title or subtitle
  • Image not displayed
  • Missing body text
  • Hyperlink in the title or a heading
  • Line break in a heading or translated title
  • Lowercase character at the beginning of a paragraph
  • Bad quote style?
  • Unformated lists
  • Unknown styles used
  • Inconsistent note numbering
  • Punctuation at the end of title or heading
  • Unwanted fields or links
  • Composition of indexes
  • Inconsistent outline
  • Check index duplicates
  • Link(s) to check
  • Note preceded by a period
  • Missing pagination
  • Pagination error
  • No author’s name in a bibliographic entry
  • Absence of author, scientific editor or collaborator
  • Illustration metadata without any illustration
  • Image size or weight too large

At index pages level

  • Composition of indexes
  • Check index duplicates
  • Author name format

Specific to OpenEdition Journals

  • Missing issue number
  • Missing date of online publication
  • Missing paper publication date if the “Paper” filter is checked
  • Inconsistent print publication dates if the “Paper” filter is checked
  • No pagination if the “Paper” filter is checked
  • Incomplete metadata about commented work
  • Missing history for open issues

Specific to OpenEdition Books

  • Missing year of publication at book level
  • No author, director or scientific editor at book level
  • Missing HTML ISBN
  • Invalid HTML ISBN
  • No summary or extract at book level
  • No summary in book’s the language
  • No keywords in the book’s language
  • Need to check directors and authors at book level (if duplicated in the editorial units)

Picture: StockSnap de Pixabay (Pixabay License)

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