Currently, the known limitations of Checklist for Lodel are as follows:

  • non-Latin languages (notably Arabic) trigger various alerts which are not relevant (incorrect composition of authors’ names, consistency of notes’ numbers, metadata of illustrations, etc.);
  • website presentations, section and annual sections are not tested. On the other hand, all editorial units within sections and annual sections can be tested;
  • embedded media (e.g. video, audio) add an empty paragraph which is not recognised by Checklist: ignore this error;
  • notes imported in XML aren’t recognised by Checklist.

How it works

Checklist transcribes the pages of OpenEdition Journals and Books by retrieving and displaying the main metadata of publications and documents. Special features, such as a custom index for a site, will not be displayed in Checklist but will still be searchable on the site itself.

To activate Checklist, simply log into a site and click on the “Checklist” tab at the top.

Depending on the page from which you click on “Checklist”, it will either return to the same page analysed by Checklist, or to the homepage for the entire site.

To deactivate Checklist and return to the site view, simply click on the “Site” tab or pull down the “Functions” menu to click on “View Online”.

On OpenEdition Journals, Checklist assumes by default that issues and editorial units do not exist on paper. If this is the case, simply check the “Print Publication” option in the settings:

If problems occur, it may be useful to “Empty Checklist Cache”, also available in the options.

See also what Checklist verifies:

If any problems arise, you can write to support[at]

Image: athree23 de Pixabay (Pixabay License)

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