Types of documents on OpenEdition Books

Here are the document types used in OpenEdition Books:

Bibliographical address

This type is reserved for books encoded through the Digitization Support Programme. It is not displayed in HTML, nor is it present in the detachable formats, but it is kept on Lodel and visible while connected. It contains the information that appears on the copyright page of the books: copyright, year of publication, ISBN, publisher’s identity, and possibly other information.

Preliminary page

The preliminary page describes a complementary text integrated at the head of the book: warning, thanks, dedication…

Careful, if an entire document is a dedication or an acknowledgement, the paragraphs must be encoded in “Normal” and not in “Acknowledgements” or “Dedication”. These styles are to be used in a document composed of other paragraphs of type “Normal”.


Placed at the beginning of a book, the preface presents its views and plan. It answers critics or gives an idea of the message the author wants to convey through this book.


Foreword proper: short introductory texts. More substantial introductions will be of the “Chapter” type. The “Foreword” type can also be used for forewords and introductions to parts of a book.


This is the main type for book documents. Long introductions and conclusions will be considered as “Chapter” type.


This type is designed for source texts.

It is possible to style an author or (and) a scientific editor specific to this document (i.e. different from the one(s) present in the book to which the document belongs).


The “Afterword” type is used to distinguish a text added at the end of a book as a supplement, comment, explanation or warning. It is not a conclusion.


This type corresponds to documents that are bibliographies.

Please note: with the OpenEditon document template, the text of a bibliography must be styled with the “Normal” style and not with the “Bibliography” style, the latter being reserved for bibliographic references integrated into a “Chapter” type document. It is not possible to include tables in bibliographies.


Mainly used for books encoded through the Digitization Support Programme. This type is used to retrieve the indexes from the books. It should not be used to create a dynamic index.

A document with the “Index” type will be displayed in HTML (on the OpenEdition site) without automatic paragraph numbering in the margin.


This type is used for most appendices to books, except for indexes: appendices, supplements, addenda…

Note: with the OpenEditon document template, the text of an appendix should be styled with the “Normal” style and not with the “Appendix” style, the latter being reserved for appendix elements integrated into a “Chapter” type document.

Modify the type after loading

If it is necessary to modify the type of document, here is how to proceed: select the correct type of document in the [Information on the entity] block at the top right of the editing form for the documentary unit concerned, then click on [Save] to validate.

Finally, if you have any questions about the type of a document, please contact the support services: assistance[at]openedition.org or books-support[at]openedition.org.

Featured Image: Felix Wolf de Pixabay. Pixabay License

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