Image processing

Technical specifications

  • Cover of a journal issue or book (front cover): jpeg or png, 300 DPI, 1400 pixels wide. 

Please note: On OpenEdition Journals, if you have a cover image that is smaller than 1400 pixels wide you will need to import it as a thumbnail image.

  • Document content : JPEG or PNG, 150 DPI, 7 million pixels maximum (width x height, e.g. 2000×3500 or 1000×7000), RGB colour profile.
  • Maximum size of the file to upload: 10 Mb

Styling in Word 

An illustration can be styled in “Normal” or in “Annex”. It should be placed in its own paragraph (one image per paragraph), without text wrapping or anchors. It should be preceded by a style title “Illustration title” and may be followed by a caption or credits.

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