Moving an element

Uploaded elements (files) or elements created in Lodel (issues, subsections) can be moved if necessary.

There are two ways to move an element:

Move elsewhere in the same container

To move an element within the same container (collection, issue, subsection), go to the container in question:

1 – Click on the container

2 – Use the drag and drop arrows to the left of the element title

3 – Drag and drop the element to where you want it to be  

Drag and drop

Use the breadcrumb trail shown in the screenshot above or the “Edition” tab to navigate into the desired element.

Please note: A message asking you to minimize the containers may appear during use; please click accept in order to continue.

Move to another container

To move an element and the sub-elements it contains, you must edit the element that is to be moved. The “Functions” box (in the upper right-hand corner of the editing interface) includes a “Move” function.

The “Functions” box

A new window opens displaying the entire tree structure of the site. Possible moves are shown with orange active links. Click on the link of the container in the new destination.

Example: Moving an article

After the selection, a dialogue box appears asking you to confirm the move:

Confirm or cancel the move

Click on “OK” to confirm.

It is possible to cancel the move. This takes you back to the page where you can choose to move an element. To exit from “Move” mode, click on “OK” in the very bottom right-hand corner of the page, or navigate to elsewhere on the site.

Image à la Une : Photo by Wei Cheng Wu on Unsplash.

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