Delay for publication or correction of a publication

You have just published an issue and it does not appear in offline mode?

Don’t panic! It’s not always instantaneous.
Pages are generated once and then temporarily saved in Lodel’s server memory. These saved pages will be delivered to visitors within 24 hours. This caching allows the page to be displayed faster to unauthenticated visitors.
If your new issue or corrected article is still not visible after this time, empty your browser and Lodel caches, then refresh your page with the F5 key (PC) or command + R (MAC).

Warning Never unpublish or delete a document published on an online site. Contact us if needed: assistance[at] It is important to publish an issue only after the validation of all the people concerned (authors, issue coordinators, etc.) to avoid having to modify it after publication. The published metadata are indexed as soon as they are published, the corrections afterwards do not prevent the circulation of erroneous information. The administrator of your site can create “visitor” accesses to allow rereading before publication.


If necessary you can modify your documents by taking into account the following points:

  • I correct typos on the source file (Word), and reload it in Lodel.
  • Attention for journals published on all modifications made after Cairn has retrieved the data must be reported to us.
  • If they are corrections other than typos, I use the “erratum” style to highlight the correction.
  • I never make corrections in the editing interface
  • I check the electronic publication date on the source file before reloading my document.
  • Corrections on a published article are taken into account in the html version but not in the pdf generated by Lodel? I go back to the article editing form, and I click on “Finish and view”, the pdf generation will be restarted.
  • In case of real modification (structure, wording, resumption), we invite you to contact us.

Do you have a question?

I contact OpenEdition services, specifying the name of my magazine, the URL concerned, and I attach my file and, if necessary, screenshots:

  • technical contact (styling and uploading to Lodel): assistance[at]
  • journal site contact and editorial project (features, ergonomics, evolutions, etc.): revues[at]
  • I would like to register for Lodel training:

Featured Image: Photo by Xavier von Erlach on Unsplash. Free to use under the Unsplash License

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