Funder Registry

Acknowledging funders

In the metadata relating to their books or journals published on the platforms, OpenEdition publishers are now able to mention the names of the institutions or funding agencies that have supported a research project that has led to a publication or enabled the publication of a book or journal. Entries must be based on the list of funders who have registered with Crossref’s Funder Registry.

How a funder of a book is displayed (OpenEdition Books)


How a funder of an article is displayed (OpenEdition Journals)


This information is also registered with Crossref in the book or journal’s metadata when the book or journal’s DOI is registered or updated.

The book or journal then appears in the list of resources funded by an organization when that organization is searched for using Crossref’s Funder Registry search engine:

For example, Crossref’s search engine returns one book funded by Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior.

Crossref funder search engine

Source: ?q =501100002322

This is the book cited above and published on OpenEdition Books.

Extra information about the funded book

Source :​funding ?q =501100002322&type =Book

Adding the funder of a book, chapter, journal or article in Lodel

In the “Volume” or “Publishing Unit” section of the Lodel upload form, click “Add” then “Funding”.

Add a funding source on the Lodel upload form

In the “Funder Name” field, type part of the funder’s name and then choose from the list of organizations suggested by Lodel. This list comes from the list of funders provided by Crossref. It isn’t possible to choose a funder that is not listed in the Crossref list.

List of funders in the Lodel upload form

The corresponding “Funder ID” reference is filled in automatically.

If necessary, provide the project Grant Number in the free text field.

The project ID and reference in the Lodel upload form

For more information on Crossref’s Funder Registry, see:

Image à la Une : Photo by Lucas Favre on Unsplash.

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