Pre-publication book checklist

For the verification of books and documents, it is recommended to use the Checklist tool available on all sites, which alerts you to automatically detected errors. This tool does not, however, dispense with a manual and human verification to ensure that everything is in order.

At the volume level

  • Basic metadata correctly filled in: title, author (coherence of author and director metadata, if repeated in chapters, compound name, etc.), year of publication, pagination, language.
    For the reminder of these mandatory metadata :
  • Presence of an author description (not mandatory, but better to have it).
  • A typo-free summary, in the language of the book at least. If there is no abstract, an excerpt is required.
  • Check that the fields note of the editor, summary, extract and author description do not contain tags or formatting
  • Presence of keywords at least in the language of the book (be careful to avoid initial capitals, plurals… in order not to create duplicates).
  • Conforming cover (1400 pixels wide minimum – 300 dpi minimum), with the same title and subtitle as in Lodel.
    To attach a cover:
  • Presence of the publisher’s facsimile, with no cut lines and less than 30 MB (if there is no facsimile, the PDF will be generated automatically).
    To attach a PDF:
  • HTML ISBN correctly filled in. (To be retrieved in the pro area or from the Books department – see box below).

At the content level

  • General summary and table of contents conform with coherent title levels.
  • Verification of the type of documents (preface, bibliography, index…), important for the corresponding specific display, see
  • Presence of facsimiles at chapter level (without cutting lines) and pagination of the printed edition if they exist.
  • Indication of the language in each documentary unit.
  • Verification of the images: their definition must not exceed 7 million pixels, their resolution 150 dpi and must have an RGB color profile, in JPG or PNG formats (SVG can only be used in XML imports). More information:
  • Cross-check content: quirks, empty notes, images, tables… If needed, correct the source file (Word or XML), and reload it into Lodel. In case of technical problems: assistance[at]


Publishing a book on the OpenEdition Books platform is not sufficient for its full distribution – whether in electronic bookstores or in libraries.

A record of your book, including its essential metadata and commercial information (selling price, distribution method, etc.), must be created and validated on the platform dedicated to distribution management:

Two solutions for the creation of this notice :

  • either directly by yourself, in your publisher’s space on
  • or by sending the relevant metadata to the Books department (Excel file to be filled in below) and by validating the commercial information with the distribution department.


Your dedicated contact for all these aspects related to the diffusion/distribution of your books: diffusion[at]

→ Once the book record is validated, the identifier called HTML ISBN will allow the link between the two Freemium platforms and OpenEdition Books…

Featured Image: Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash. Free to use under the Unsplash License

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