Import and handle a document in Lodel

Adding Subparts (sous-parties)

It is often necessary to structure the book with intermediate sections, called Subparts (sous-parties) in Lodel. This level of structuring groups the parts, sections or appendices of a printed book.

A subpart is a type of publication, to be integrated by Add > Publication > Sous-partie.

Note: The titles of the sub-sections are filled in like those of the books. For a subpart, only the title is necessary and used.

Add a document

Once you have created your book, you can upload your text documents in Word or XML-TEI format into Lodel. There are different types of documents. See “Document Types in OpenEdition Books”

Importing a Document

There are two ways to load documents. First, you have to be in the book.

Root > Collection > Book > Subpart (if applicable).

Via the menu at the top of the page: Texts > Choose the type of text

Via the drop-down menu in the sub-sections of the book

Import page

In both cases, an import page opens. Click on Browse and choose the file to import. Then click on Download.

The import is launched and leads to the check markup page which summarizes the imported data. The document is broken down into as many styles applied during the document preparation.

If the import is successful, the message: “IMPORT SUCCESSFUL!” is displayed. Otherwise, an error message in red appears: “CAUTION”. It is then imperative to repeat the styling and the errors reported.

Once the page is checked and validated, validate the import.

  • Import and view saves the document, creates the web page and displays it;
  • Import without using the form saves the page and continues the navigation in the Edit tab;
  • Continue saves the document and opens the document editing form, to allow the addition of the PDF facsimile for example;
  • Import the document again after correcting any issues that have been flagged by the markup check, for example;
  • Cancel to cancel the import.

Modify and enhance a document

Once a document has been imported, it is possible to come back to it to correct or enrich it.

Correct and reload a document

The information encoded in the document is reflected in the editing form during import. It is possible to access it by editing the document in question.

Note: It is not recommended to make corrections directly from the editing form. If a document needs to be modified, the source file must be retrieved, the correction must be made and the document must be reloaded.

In the editing form there is a Functions block at the top right. This is where the manipulations are made, in particular to retrieve the source file, i.e. the previously imported file.

The Recover source file button restores the document that was used to import the data.
The Reload document button allows you to renew the data from a file to overwrite the previously imported data.

Moving a chapter

To move a chapter or a document, you can consult this page:

You now have everything you need to manage your documents and your book.

Cover picture: Photo by Wei Cheng Wu on Unsplash. Free to use under the Unsplash License

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