Attach PDFs to books and chapters

For books that have a PDF formatted by the publisher, it is necessary to attach the “facsimile” PDF of the whole book, as well as the PDFs of each document, which can then be made available separately.

Please note: the facsimiles must be text files with embedded fonts, e.g. exported from the typesetting files. Image files, scanned from paper sources, with or without hidden text, cannot be considered as distributable publishing products.

Document PDFs can be attached via the editing form of each document, book PDFs via the editing form of the book.

At the book level

The facsimiles are attached in the subgroup “Attachments”, right column:

Go to : Add > Files > Facsimile

At the document level

The PDF file is attached via the document editing form (chapter for example) in the group “Text” > “Text in PDF format” > “Choose a PDF file on your hard drive”.

PDF size

Attached PDFs will be marketed. They must therefore be of a satisfactory definition.

For works with a lot of images, it will be necessary to optimize the definition so that the size of the file is not too large. As the files are to be downloaded, a too big size could alter the service depending on the quality of the connection of the user, buyer or subscriber. In fact, it is better to use PDFs smaller than 30 MB for books. A size of several hundred megabytes is inadequate.

PDF generation by Lodel

Some paper books are too old to keep the PDFs from the digitization. PDF files may no longer be available or the file quality may not be sufficient for distribution. If no facsimile is attached to the books and documents, then a PDF is automatically generated for the book and documents. It also replaces the publisher PDF for distribution.

This automatic generation does not allow you to influence the layout, so it is important to use editor PDFs if they are available. To see an example of an automatically generated PDF:

Featured image : Republica de Pixabay. Pixabay License

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