Attaching a book cover

The cover file is displayed as the book’s splash page on the OpenEdition Books sites, but also in the catalog, modules, collection pages, and folders.

The cover is also retrieved for the detachable formats that are marketed: it will be on the front page of PDFs and ePub.

Import the cover

Front cover files must be in JPG or PNG format.

The cover can be attached via the book editing form, from the subgroup “Attachments”, right column.

Go to : Add > Files > Front cover

Cover size

The minimum size of cover images must be 1400 pixels wide, with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi.

Legend and credits

It is possible to fill in the “Caption” and “Credits” fields that are displayed on the cover view page.

Loading and Delay

For system reasons, there may be a significant delay between loading the cover on Lodel and viewing it online: up to twenty-four hours. It is important to remember to clear your browser’s cache (Ctrl + F5 on PC, Cmr + R on Mac). If the covers still do not appear, you can contact the OpenEdition team.

Automatic cover generation

OpenEdition Books offers the possibility to create cover templates, including title, author, publisher, and colors that will characterize a particular publishing house. Automatic covers can be indispensable in case of unavailable cover elements, obsolete covers, graphic harmonization of a collection, etc.

The OpenEdition team can suggest this solution for covers that are difficult to use on the portal and for detachable formats.

Here is an example of automatic cover creation, created for the Presses universitaires de Provence from their choice of colors (red and yellow):

Image à la Une : Photo by Harmen Jelle van Mourik on Unsplash. Free to use under the Unsplash License

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