OpenEdition Books and Journals Support is a support blog edited by the OpenEdition team and dedicated to helping the editorial teams of publications distributed on OpenEdition Books and OpenEdition Journals.

Here you will find information on how to use Lodel, the e-publishing features we offer and the practices and tools we recommend.

Specific pages have been created for each platform:

Not all the posts on the site are listed on these pages; feel free to use the “Search” field or the tag cloud to help you navigate this blog.

Any questions?

  • assistance[at]openedition.org: for all matters related to document preparation, styling, and uploading with Lodel, as well as handling the various tools listed above.
  • revues[at]openedition.org and books-support[at]openedition.org: for all that concerns the site, its editorial project, requests for evolution and updates, and also the submission of works for validation before publication.
  • diffusion[at]openedition.org : for all that concerns the marketing policy.
  • referencement[at]openedition.org : for all that concerns the indexing and referencing of your journal.
  • assistance-metopes[at]unicaen.fr : for all matters concerning the Metopes chain.
  • freemium[at]openedition.org : for all matters concerning partnerships with institutions for paying access to detachable formats.

For all correspondence with our teams, we thank you for sending your questions respecting the following good practices, so that we can treat your requests efficiently:

  • enter an explicit email subject with the title of the site;
  • mention the URL of the site concerned or, if applicable, the URL of the page that presents a problem;
  • present your request or describe a possible problem as precisely as possible and the operations you have done;
  • attach the document if it cannot be uploaded to the platform.

This blog also exists in French: https://objs-fr.hypotheses.org/

Featured Image: Nino Carè de Pixabay

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