Installing Word document templates for Lodel on a Mac

The styles models are pre-saved on Word. They are essential for styling your documents for Lodel.
Macros enable automatic typographic corrections and are optional


[Word 2016, 2019] The latest version of the document template is available at the following address: (archive
The .zip archive contains the following files:
oe_modele_fr.dotm: for french version of Word
oe_template_en.dotm: for english version of Word

[Word 2011] Download the templates for Word 2011 at the following address: Modèles

The .zip archive contains all the templates and macros that can be used during styling. Each template ends with _fr, _en, pt, etc., reflecting which language version of Word is being used.

  • is the default template to use. It contains the styles used in the editorial template distributed with Lodel.
  • series of spelling and typographic correction actions.

Please note: The macros are incompatible with Word 2008 and 2016 for Mac. 

Warning: Some macros designed to process footnotes may cause non-updated versions of Word 2003 to crash. In Word 2004 for Mac, the formatting deletion macros (texts and notes) may take between 20 and 30 seconds to run, depending on the length of the document. Not all the macros should be used automatically:

After decompressing the archive, a folder named bundle is displayed in the Downloads folder. This folder contains 2 other folders: templates and startup.

Preparing your work environment

How do I place the templates in the Word templates directory? 

  • Display the Library folder:
  • Go to the Finder
  • Click on the Go tab
  • The Library folder is hidden by default in Mac OS X 10.7 and later versions.
  • To display it, hold down the Alt key when you are using the Go menu. You will see the Library folder appear in the menu.

Tip: After opening the Library folder, you will be able to drag the library icon from the top of this window to the Dock, the horizontal favourites bar, or the toolbar so that you can access it more easily later. 

Go to the templates folder, which can be found in Downloads.

Copy the following files by selecting them with Cmd+Click (⌘+Click):

  • (French template) or oe_modele_fr.dotm (Word 2016, 2019).
  • Word 2011 : and

Depending on the language of your work environment, choose one of the following files:
English: oe_template_en.dotm (2016, 2019) or (2011)
Italian: oe_template_en.dotm (2016, 2019) or (2011)
Spanish: oe_template_en.dotm (2016, 2019) or (2011)
Portuguese: oe_template_en.dotm (2016, 2019) or (2011)

Now paste the selected files in the Word Templates folder. 

How do I access the Word templates folder?

Users of Word 2008 and Word 2011: Use the following pathway:

~/Users/Username/Library/Application Support/Microsoft Office/User Templates/My Templates/

Users of Word 2016: Use the following pathway:

~/Users/Library/GroupContainers/UBF8T346G9.Office/User Content/Templates

Tip: If the Templates folder does not exist, you can create it yourself from the User Content folder. 

Attaching the document templates

Attach the template each time you open a document you want to style.

Word 2011 and Word 2016 versions

Once you have opened the document in Word, go to Tools then Templates and Add-Ins

Image à la Une : Photo by Xavier Von Erlach on Unsplash.

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